YAMAHA qs300

As its name indicates, the QS300 Music Production Synthesizer provides all you need to create and perform fully orchestrated and professional-sounding music. The QS300 features an advanced tone generator, plus a comprehensive sequencer for recording and editing your performances. The tone generator of the QS300 provides 954 high-quality Voices, full General MIDI and new XG-MIDI compatibility, and three separate digital effects sections for processing the Voices. To ensure playback of even the most sophisticated song data, the QS300 also has 16-channel multi-timbral capacity and full 32-note polyphony. The comprehensive, yet easy-to-use functions let you subtly change and customize the Voices, or create completely new and unique Voices of your own. The sequencer section features 16 tracks for recording your own performances - either in real time or manually (by Step recording). Punch-in recording allows you to re-record any portion of an already recorded track. Sophisticated editing functions let you perform various transformations on the recorded data - such as transposing, quantizing, changing note length and velocity, copying, and much more.