Tama ST-1455 BN Metalworks Snare Drum

Slightly thicker, 1.2mm shells combined with triple flanged hoops, allow the Metalworks steel shelled snare drums to perform at their maximum potential. A flat, brushed Black Nickel finish and Black Nickel hardware create a unique, industrial look that's the perfect visual match for sound of steel. Five different sizes provide choices for a wide range of applications.

Features :

  • Shell Material: Steel (1,2 mm)
  • Size: 5,5 x 14
  • Hoop: MFH14-10BN (Steel)
  • Tension: 10
  • Strainer/But: MCS70ABN/MCS70BBN
  • Snares: MS20SN14S
  • Head/Batter: Evans Power Center Reverse Dot
  • Head/Snare: Evans Resonant 300