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The DI-1 is a high-quality direct box with crystal-clear sound for transforming high-impedance, unbalanced instrument outputs to the low-impedance, balanced inputs of a mixing console.

Solid-state clarity or tube warmth, which to choose? We suggest you stop wasting time pondering that old argument and choose the BlueTube DP dual-path mic/instrument preamp...

8-channel mic preamp with ADAT connectivity

Behringer B1, cardioid diafram ile ev kayıt meraklılarının rüyalarını gerçeğe dönüştürüyor. O cardioid diyaframı sayesinde akustik yapısı bozuk kayıt ortamlarında üstün başarı...

Müzik endüstrisinde host tabanlı PCI ses kartı çözümlerinde ilk sırada yer alan rack-mount Delta 1010 günümüzün profesyonel stüdyoların her türlü ihtiyacını karşılayacak şekilde...

8 mic set, with 2 x HO-8 for overhead. 1 x FK-2 for kick, 3 x FT-4 for tom-tom, 1 x FS-6 for snare and 1 x HI-10 for hi-hat. Packed in a convenient plastic carrying case...

Whether you are recording, mixing or mastering, the COMPOSER PRO-XL MDX2600 gives you total dynamic control. It includes all of the features you would expect from a reference class compressor plus a voice-adaptive de-esser, a new dynamic enhancer, authentic tube emulation and much more.

An articulate headphone mix can make a tremendous difference to the outcome of a recording session. The 4-channel BEHRINGER HA4700 features superior performance

The use of a high-power 24-bit DSP with two separate "engines"enables you to process entirely different effects for the left and right channels. You can,for example, use the VIRTUALIZER PRO

In true Line 6 tradition, they've followed their Pod X3 and X3 Live processors with a rackmount professional version, the X3 Pro ($979.99 MSRP), which has enhanced I/O and a few capabilities not provided on the standard 'kidney' or X3 Live floor-unit versions.


Altın serpitirme gift 5 um, 1" diyafram kapsül

3 polar pattern: Omni, kardioid, figure 8

3 segmeli yüksek gegirgen filtre: Flat, 80Hz, 40Hz.

A complete drum microphone package. The PGDMK6 Drum Microphone Kit includes: